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Daily-Fantasy-Sports: Strategy game and sportsbook combined

- If german is not your favourite language you can now also visit Fantasy-Sports-League - our new website for Fantasy-Sports-Manager from outside of Germany.


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- For sure you can also visit directly our favoured providers FanTeam and Sorare. And for sure they have english versions too. More providers you will find in the specific section - here in german (especially detailed for Sorare) or at in english.


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Fantasy Sports gains more and more popularity in the US or Canada. Especially in national sports like American Football, basketball and baseball, more and more people assemble their desired teams and compete in numerous leagues. Besides enthusiasts of managing games, many players of gambling areas (poker, sport bets, etc.) are pleased with this new gambling segment and the market is rocketing in the meanwhile. The reasons for the success are diverse:



All Leagues available: Basketball NBA, Hockey NHL, American Football NFL, Golf PGA and many more...


First of all, the tension and the thrill of DFS are mentionable. Every sports event, no matter how unimportant it is, becomes more exciting and dramatic. Another advantage is the personal influence into these events. In a simple game of gamble, you are just a lucky person. Winning in Fantasy Sports, you took the right decisions. Your self- confidence rises, of course.


The Boom of DFS in many Countries in Europe

These and many other points could be the reason for a boom of DFS in Europe, too. Europeans are sports enthusiasts like Americans and it could attract a huge group of interested people, especially for Fantasy Football. The simplicity of FF might be useful:  register for a provider, choose a league, assemble your team and win- in best case. If the hype would roughly swap over to Europe, there will be an enormous cash prize paid out to the winners.


Daily Fantasy Sports in Europe

Schnellstart: Die besten Anbieter für Fantasy-Sports in Deutschland sind aktuell wohl Sorare und FanTeam. Mehr Infos über diese Links - direkt zum Anbieter über den entsprechenden Banner.

Als Neuling schau dir zunächst die Unterseiten Was ist Fantasy-Sport? und unser Forum an. Viel Erfolg wünscht!

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